Using Docker for OpenEmbedded builds

While updating the E300 file system build the "jethro" (Yocto Project release branches from Nov 2015), I found the build failed on a Fedora 25 machine. The host gccc is version 6.0 and the older recipes fail to build with that.

In the past, I've used virtual machines to deploy older Fedora releases to work around these problems, but this time I wanted to try Docker.

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Building small GNURadio images

Recently a customer asked about creating a small GNU Radio image to test some hardware with. The normal GNU Radio images built with the manifest are quite large. They include all the development and debug packages installed in the file system. Also, GNU radio is built with X11 support, which adds additional size to images. This is a great environment for people figuring out what they can do with GNU Radio on small computers, but is burdensome when you go to create a product.

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New Website

OK, I broke down and dropped the old Drupal website and replaced is with a static one generated with Nikola. This should give me some peace of mind that the website isn't a target for clowns. Drupal was a great idea, but I'm not keeping up with it, to busy having fun with radios and cute embedded nonsense hacks.

If you have ideas for blog posts drop me a note via email or in #gnuradio on Freenode.

Hopefully, the new format does motivate me to post some articles about cool things I've done. Until next time ...